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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of materials do you use?

For a large majority of our surface projects we use 3 different kinds of reclaimed or salvaged semi truck bed flooring. Oak, Maple, and mixed Malaysian. These are our most cost effective materials.  We can also build using any material like Cherry, Walnut, Ash, Hickory, Exotic Hardwoods, Live Edge, and more.

We use barnwood that we reclaim ourselves for accent walls, mantles, barn sliding doors, wall decorative, mirrors, and more

What does finished and unfinished mean?

When we say unfinished, we mean that your custom piece is built to your desired size. We also fill any gaps or natural checks in the wood and then we sand it down to a nice and smooth 240 grit finish. We hand soften and round all the exposed edges and corners.

When we say finished, we mean that we will stain any color you wish or not stain at all, but we will always hand apply 6 coats of General Finishes Arm R Seal oil urethane. No one in our industry applies as many coats of a product guaranteed to last and let alone by hand. We do apply top coats of different protective sealants, upon special requests or when needed. I.E Spar Urethane for outdoor furniture or Butcher Block oils for true functioning cutting board islands, etc.

How much does a typical kitchen cost?

Typical Kitchen Countertops range from $40-60 a sqft with an additional $10-12/sqft for delivery, install, and measure.


Do you do Installs?

Yes. Defiance Hardwood will install. We also have general contractor referrals to pass along to our customers if needed. 

Do you deliver?

We do deliver to certain locations

Denver metro: $40

Boulder: $100

FOCO: $150

Greeley: $200

Castle Rock: $50

Colorado Springs: $150

Summit County: $250

Vail/Aspen: $400

Other CO locations can be negotiated or we can work with you to meet in the meet for locations like Telluride, Durango, Pueblo

For our AZ and TX trips, we charge everyone a $50 fuel charge and a $100 home delivery charge if needed. Otherwise many folks meet us at central locations off interstates to save money.

Do I have to do maintenance? What's involved?

Yes weekly maintenance on your countertops is required if you wish to increase the aesthetic longevity of your countertops. The good news is that the weekly maintenance of your countertops takes little time and is either 100% safe to do inside your own home with windows open or not. We always suggest using Howards products found at your local home depot. Either the citrus beeswax or the butcher block conditioner or oil. These oils or waxes are completely compatible with the hard finishes we use and go a long way in maintaining a nice finish and complimenting the patina of the wood as it continues to age.

If you are super keen on maintaining the color of the stain that we put on for you then it is suggested to do a light sand and add another coat of the poly that we use once a year. This is something that we can teach you and show you at the shop.

Whats the lead time?

Lead times vary depending on our current workload. Our average across all projects is 2-4 weeks. *An additional 2-4 weeks may be needed for larger commercial and specialty projects.

What's the difference between Food Grade Finish and a harder urethane finish?

The difference between food grade and a hard urethane or varnish finish is that one is acceptable for cutting on while the other is not. All materials for finishing sold here in the U.S are non toxic once they cure, however with urethanes good ventilation and mask protection is needed when applying.

The food grade finish will need to be applied to the wood almost on a daily occasion. We cannot stain the wood when using these products. They are super easy to maintain however and for us, all the knife marks, go down as natural character marks as the wood ages.

The harder finishes are meant to last. They are resilient to heat and moisture and do a good job of protecting the stain on the wood. There is less maintenance needed for the wood, but if it is critical to prevent fading of the stain color then it is important to do weekly maintenance with food grade oils and waxes and to repoly once a year..

How do I get a quote?

The best way to get an accurate quote for a kitchen job is to sketch the layout of the kitchen and shade the exposed edges of the countertops.  For tables, shelves, or doors all we need are dimensions, wood type, type of finish, and deadline in order for us to get you an accurate quote.  Click Here to get in touch with us for a quote.

Can you emulate a project?

To this day a lot of what we do is inspired by our clients. Often clients will come in and show us something that they found, but that was ridiculously priced and we do our best to emulate using our reclaimed materials and getting within their budget. We will frequently have folks show us pictures of colors of wood or stains they like and then we will make sample pieces specifically for them to make sure that they are happy with the finish.  Click Here to get in touch with us for a quote.

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