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Our story begins with a man named Micah.

The old Barn

It is a unique name for an even more unique and intriguing person, and it fits him perfectly. Habitually casual and a natural people person, Micah Herbert is the heart and soul of Defiance Hardwood.

“I started Defiance by myself in the dead of winter in this run down old turkey coup (800 sqft) that I turned into a woodshop. No running water, no toilet, no heat. I’ve busted my tail ever since with countless 70-80 hour weeks.”


His hard work shows in the quality of product he and his team create for their customers. Each piece is unique, a collaboration between the team here at Defiance and every person who walks through the door. At Defiance Headquarters here in Denver Colorado, our workshop houses a treasure trove of reclaimed material, ready to be given new life in the imaginations of our clients. Owning a Defiance piece is more than just a one-of-a-kind element in your home, it’s preserving the stories and history that are etched into every grain of wood we save.